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Twenty-two, bi-nationally staffed research modules belong to seven sub-projects (SP). The steering group consists of the Brazilian and German SP-leaders, and the coordination team again of German and Brazilian members. A regional stakeholder round table observes the relevance of the project and the feasibility of its results. An international advisory board has a counselling role. The coordinator manages the GLUES interface, supported by respective project members. The MCTI (Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology) heads the Brazilian Sponsor Consortium, forming the direct counterpart to the BMBF/DLR on the German side.


The metadatabase describes all datasets generated or used by members of the INNOVATE project. The metadatabase pursues two main objectives:

(a)    facilitate the cooperation among scientists by making the existing datasets and studied topics more transparent, and

(b)   inform future users and interested parties about primary and secondary datasets used and generated within INNOVATE, mainly related to the São Francisco river basin and the Itaparica region.

The metadatabase helps to trace which type of data has been collected and where the datasets can be found. It therefore serves to facilitate follow-up studies and enables researchers to detect relevant datasets which are listed. Data itself is not uploaded but contact data is provided for getting in touch and agreeing on potential future uses of the data for follow-up studies.

This includes primary and secondary data. Primary data is what scientists collected by themselves (via measurements in the field or in experiments, surveys, key person interviews) and secondary data is what they detected on webpages or received from organizations or other scientists. Generally, secondary data has first to be checked for consistency and completeness and is partly subject to reorganization in order to fit to own needs.

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