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INNOVATESP2 Terrestrial Production

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SP2 Terrestrial Production


Joint fieldwork of SP2-2 and SP2-3 with the plant Spondias tuberosa Arr. Cam.


The overall objectives of SP 2 are the increase of the productivity of the reservoir-water irrigated agro-ecosystems, the quantification of their carbon sequestration potentials and the minimization of GHG emissions. To achieve these goals, new crop rotations including energy crops will be introduced, animal husbandry will be integrated into the farm systems and biochar applied to soils. The study comprises three essential parts, (1) inventory of the natural resources as a basis for upscaling of our experimental results to catchment scale, (2) field experiments studying crop rotations, animal husbandry and the application of biochar and (3) the modelling of dynamics of water and nutrients in the soil.


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